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Pageants, Politics, and Unplugging

The Curve, Volume 4.2, 2015 –  On the surface, Jessie Allen is as traditional as they come: She was Miss Wyoming 2014. However, in some ways, Jessie is doing more to evolve the role of women than most 20-somethings we’ve spoken with: She’s a rock star ranch hand who leads multiday trips through the wilderness—she ropes calves, for goodness’ sake!—and has already spent time working on Capitol Hill. Her version of progressive isn’t as extreme as previous generations of women, like boomers who burned their bras or Generation Xers who donned power suits to fit in with the boys. Instead, she is the quintessential millennial mix-master: She will happily strut her stuff onstage for scholarship money (as Jessie puts it, “Of course…it’s a beauty pageant!”), travel to the other side of the world solo, and pursue a fast-paced career in politics, but she still admits she’d rather be first lady than president.

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