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American Woman

The Curve, Volume 4.2, 2015 – Meet Althea, Kit and Brooke, three women whose diversity lies less within their demographic profiles (all are college-educated, early-30s millennials) than in their vastly different definitions of happiness and success. According to them, the North star in life ranges from having no kids (Kit) to eight (Alethea); the city (Brooke) to the suburbs (Alethea); health (Alethea) to hedonism (Kit); jet-setting (Kit) to settling down (Brooke); and entrepreneurship (Brooke) to everything (Alethea, nurse-artist-teacher).

The profoundly universal story among these women—and the hundreds of others we spoke with and surveyed across the country—is just how many options exist for women today and the diversity of paths women are choosing to take. This is a far cry from just a generation ago, when a majority of women pursued the same North star: career, marriage, kids (having it all). While having more opportunities is obviously a wonderful thing, it’s not without confusion, quandaries, slipups, missteps, and sacrifices. We have to thank Alethea, Kit, and Brooke for not only telling us about all of their successes but also for getting real about what it’s like to walk out on a bad job, go back to school as an adult, be the breadwinner, look for love, and more, as an American woman today.

Mix Master


“I wing it all the time. It has led to all kinds of great adventures.”



The Indie Woman


“Having thousands of internet friends doesn’t help when you’re sick at home and just want someone to come over with soup and watch a  movie.” 



American Hustle


There’s no guarantee anymore – if you want to have the same lifestyle as your parents, you have to hustle.”



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